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Make Up Artists
Antonia and Jamelle
Emily and Dan
Emily and Gemma
Ingrid and Michelle
ToCan have worked closely with many professional make-up artists, as you can see from the few samples shown here.

Photography subjects
If you want a makeover prior to your photo shoot, we can arrange for a make-up artist to be present (and a hair stylist too if necessary) for an additional fee.

Make Up Artists
If you are a make-up artist and want images for your professional portfolio, we can arrange for a model to be present to act as your ‘canvas’ for an additional fee.
A selection of the images created incorporating your work will be promoted on our website.

This page illustrates some of the work done by make up artists on our contact list.

Emily applies make up to Gemma and Dan for a group Vampire shoot.
Ingrid applies make-up before and during the 'Egyptian' shoot.
Antonia applies make up ready for a Geisha shoot
Scarlett before and during her transformation into Rainbow Brite by Clare