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Welcome to ToCan Training

ToCan Training
is part of
ToCan Media.

If you are looking for training in Media or Digital Photography, we are here to help.

We can offer bespoke and one-to-one training which no College can match. As we are 'power users' of the equipment and software which are considered 'industry standards', the training you receieve will not be purely academic in nature but will be based on practical skills. We do this day in and day out and know the 'real world' pitfalls of working in this industry. We have learned the lessons the hard way - but why should you? Contact us for further details.


Tony advises a model
Portrait lighting
Portrait shoot
Directional lighting tests
Directional lighting tests
Please note:
If you are a student at Barnsley College, please check the 'Student Resources' button above to access course notes and other resources specifically designed for you.
Candice running a photography training field trip to Wentworth Village
Tony gives advice to a novice model during a studio folio shoot
Candice gives instruction to students on studio lighting and the use of a 'snoot' for directional lighting impact
Reflected light plays an important part in image composition and modelling with light as demonstrated here by Candice
Students experiment with the use of a 'softbox' for portraiture
Novice photographers learning to give direction to models in the studio (it sounds easy, but it's not)
Candice running a photography training field trip to
Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster