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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?
FACT – no two video projects are alike. Each project brings its own challenges and rewards. When asked how much it will cost to make you a video, our best advice is “Let’s talk about your requirements first.” From the information gathered from that initial discussion we can then assess the best way forward and advise on costs.

How long will it take?
Some videos will only take a few days to create, from start to finish. For instance, if all the filming can be completed in one day and post-production (editing etc) is relatively simple. However, a more complex project may involve scripting and logistical planning, may require filming over several days and may also require some degree of voice-over work, bespoke music production, video graphics etc. These more complex projects will obviously take longer but you will be advised of a production schedule and all of this will be discussed in our initial consultation with you.

What do I need to do next?
Try downloading our briefing questionnaire (click here) which will help you to think about all the elements that are required to commission a video. Then contact us for your initial ‘kick-off’ meeting. There may be additional work which needs to be undertaken by you before we can begin, such as organising staff availability, access to locations/premises, producing an outline (rough draft of what your video needs to convey), etc.

Can I put my new video on my website?
Yes, you can. We can deliver your final video in a range of formats, including DVDs and internet enabled video. We can also advise you on how to launch your video onto your website (if not being hosted by a third party).
DVDs can be mastered and any number of duplicates produced, including printing to the DVD face and any DVD cases and wraps printed to your specification, to make your video look truly professional. Duplication and packaging will be at an extra cost but this will be advised and will be dependent upon quantities/unit cost.

What other formats are available?
Delivery in alternative formats (including pro-broadcast) can be discussed and quoted on a bespoke basis.

Do you make videos of Events?
Yes. Tell us what you want and we’ll tell you if it can be done. In the past we have worked on theatre productions, concerts, awards ceremonies, sports events, launch events, etc., both at home and abroad. The first thing we would need to know from you would be – when is the event (how much lead time do we have) and what is your budget. Events almost inevitably require additional camera crew and other technical staff to make the filming of your Event a success and this additional element would be quoted at standard industry rates. Our best advice is to talk to us as soon as you can.

Do you make videos of weddings?
Many years ago we did make videos of weddings. However, production costs normally prove prohibitive. If you have the right budget we would certainly accommodate your request. Please contact us to discuss your needs, the earlier the better.

Can you make a video of our school nativity play?
Although all our staff are enhanced CRB checked, there are child protection issues to be considered when working with children or vulnerable adults. We can provide advice on what is possible under the law. If you are a Head Teacher or commissioning on behalf of a school, we can work with the local authorities and yourself to secure the appropriate consents.
We have many years’ experience working with the NHS and local authorities and are fully conversant with issues of clinical governance, infection control, licensing and consents whilst working with vulnerable groups. We also have training in equality and diversity. See this link for examples.

I make handcrafted goods from home and need a little video to show people what I do. Can you help?
Of course. We can make videos ranging from simple product promotion through to more involved demonstration videos. Take a look at the examples on our main Video page. Just feel free to call Tony or Candice to discuss your needs and we can advise you accordingly.

Has your question not been answered here?
Contact us with your query and we’ll do our best to answer you fully. No project is too small or too large – just call us and let’s talk.